Okony Tumangu Tim – Otto Joe goo cim ilaa waa (Otto Joe, make a phone call and save us)

Saturday, July 12th, 2014
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Okony Tumangu Tim: “In this song we mention our Village Health Team member Otto Joe, he is the person who reports to outsiders about our health condition. We tell him that he should make a phone call to help the children with the unknown condition ‘nodding syndrome’ (lucluc). We tell him to call the district, we tell him to call the parliament, to send them a message about this sickness that is affecting our children so much. He should call them to make them aware of our problem.”

Okony Tumangu Tim literally means ‘Help Tumangu Team’. Tumangu is a small village in Kitgum district in northern Uganda. Most of the thirty-three group members are women. They dance and sing about issues that are important to their community, such as land, sickness and war. Besides the choir and dancers, the group consists of a lead singer, two ladies playing bila and whistle and two drummers.

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