Opira Morise Kato – Bedo ka wat

Thursday, February 26th, 2015
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Opira Morise Kato: “I wrote this song to warn people that staying with relatives can be very difficult, even if you are trying your best. This happened to me when I was staying in Gulu with my aunt. One of her daughters was very rude to me: she was insulting me all the time, telling people that I was not her relative and pointing at what I was doing wrong. My aunt was working in a certain hotel in Gulu. When she left to work, her daughter took all the food before I could eat. By that time life was very difficult. I decided to leave that home to prevent more quarrelling”.

Opira sings in Acholi-language and plays on a traditional Ugandan instrument called ‘Adungu’. He made this acoustic instrument into an electrical one. With some built-in pickups (out of an old radio) powered by batteries and two Sony HiFi speakers, he is good to go!

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