Opira Morise Kato – Home is best with women

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
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Opira Morise Kato: “For people to enjoy staying at your home, you need a woman. When you arrive at home, everything will be ready for you. You should take good care of your wife and give her everything she wants. When there is a problem, you have to sit down together and discuss the matter. That is much better than fighting each other. This song is about my wife Lily Ajok.

Women are involved in many activities. The most important one is childbearing, but they also help with cooking, cleaning and fetching water. When a funeral takes place, you will see mostly women working; preparing and serving food and drinks. In our culture there is something called Okango or Abila. Every clan member is expected to be there and during some of the rituals bad spirits are chased away. You will only see women doing the work there. This song is really a tribute to the women in our homes.”

Opira sings in Acholi-language and plays on a traditional Ugandan instrument called ‘Adungu’. He made this acoustic instrument into an electrical one. With some built-in pickups (out of an old radio) powered by batteries and two Sony HiFi speakers, he is good to go!

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